Formula Racing Miskolc FRMC-01

The FRMC-01 is the car of our team which we build for the Formula Student Hungary held in the Győr-Gönyű Habor in 2014.

The car is a one seated, petrol racing car, built on the basis of the Formula Student international racing rule. The resource is solved with a Honda CBR 600 RR block with a 20mm diamter suctorial system, therefore the 120 horsepower decrease for its half.

Next to the engineering challanges, the team has another job, that is to make better the mentioned performance. The used assistance is a famous motor controller system made by Power Commander.

In the view of the frame, its a totally individually shaped, weld tubular steel frame, totally underlied to the criterias made by the racing regulations, to the engine and to the suspension.The FRMC-01 suspensions geometry is from the front and back also got a push-rod layout.

The car has got unique parts like own designed differential gear, quick change transmission system, metal foam safety zone, own produced steering wheel and driver seat, Hungarian made LED lights and advanced telemetry system.