Gabura Motorsport

A Gabura Motorsport a 90-es évek második felétől kötelezte el magát az autósport és a mechanikai tuningok, fejlesztések irányában. A 2000-es években a rallysportban szerzett tapasztalatok gyümölcseként, megszilárdult szakmai háttérrel, az utcai gépjárművek átalakítása, valamint profi versenyautók fejlesztése játszott szerepet. A 2007-es év elejétől mint Gabura Motorsport Kft állunk a mechanikai optimalizálást igénylő kihívások elé, bele értve az Oldtimer, Veterán motorok, hajtásláncok felújításától, a legmodernebb versenyautók kiszolgálását is!

BODIS Exhaust Systems

BODIS Company is an investment of hundreds of millions, where first class quality products are made with first class materials and process mainly for the Western European costumers. That's why we, Szervizautó-Buda Kft., decided to undertake the distribution in Hungary and in Eastern Europe. Every exhaust muffler and system for street motorcycle has the "E" sign and type-approval certificate; additionally it inherently contains a removable muffler inset (db killer). It enables to use it inland and abroad as well. It can be MOT tested, owing the muffler inset its acoustical noise is within the range. We only produce and distribute BODIS muffler for motorcycles. Furthermore, our traditional meeting with the public is organised every year in the last weekend of summer, where every motorcyclist with or without Bodis exhaust is welcomed. We have developed a special exhaust as requested by the Formula Racing Miskolc team of the University of Miskolc.

National Instruments

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NI is a developer, producer and distributor of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. The first plant overseas was opened in Debrecen in 2001. NI Hungary Ltd. nearly employs 1200 workers, it has an important role in the Hungarian electronics industry, the sector gives one fifth of the GDP and provides 30% of the country's whole export. The hardware production is mainly in the Civic town, moreover here takes the legal and financial groups place, the Shared Service Centre which deals with costumer order processing and the IT development department. Qualified engineers support the production, with the operation of R&D engineering team the company has established itself as a centre of knowledge in the region. National Instruments is dedicated to support engineering and science education worldwide with software and hardware, with the help of them, students and professors can associate their knowledge with real tests and practice. It accompanies students from kindergarten to university, giving such tools in their hands, which help them become acquainted to science, as a result to later choose a career in science. NI is an internationally acknowledged supplier in the industry, R&D and academic areas; furthermore applying the offered technology and engineer asset inventory, high added value, marketable products and services can be produced in less time. Product support and training are ensured for using the provided tools, and offers opportunities for local higher education in training the suitable engineers and juniors.

Miskolc és Debrecen Autó

The Miskolc and Debrecen Autóház is the top ranking distributor and service agent of Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda in our region, and the Formula Racing Miskolc’s emphasized cars partners. In addition, they give us many support of buying racing parts, team clothing, organizing media and press releases and travel our team and racecar. The Miskolc Autóház helps us organize our first Rollout, which will be planed in the last weekend of July.


Few years ago a young man had a big dream, and started his own family business - so unusually in that area - with electronical repairs. Acquired technical experience over the years and taking into account the changes of market László Bán (the founder of the company) recognizes the significance of the light bulbs in 21-st century. In this way after new re-work machines, today there is a complete SMT production installed in the yard in Csaroda. This, and a launched development project with Lotus Energy Ltd. has made it possible that in the end of 2012 the production of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes brand of 'BEREG LED' could begin uniquely in Hungary. Products are high quality, their development and manufacture happens with high skilled labour in Csaroda. Since 18th of March 2013 self producted LED lamps provide lighting in site and also in offices Csaroda. This new kind of light source could reduce the energy use to its quarter. The company offers products that are not just energy efficient but helps educate people to eco-conscious lifestyle as well.

Bán Manufacturing Support Kft.

The Ban Manufacturing Support Ltd. was founded by Laszlo Ban in 2007. Initially the company as subcontractor in manufacturing process did electornical parts for multinational companies, and also in Csaroda they did electronical repairs. The company develops rapidly thanks to the foresight. From 2011 the Ban Ltd. in Beregszasz Ukraine started the production, with injection molding, grinding, tool maintenance and assembly works. Since 2012 the company owns a modern machinery factory with professional workers. Till the end of this year the new production hall will be completed, providing new employment opportunities. The major profile of the company is manufacturing LED light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, this year they will appear with the first Hungarian made LED lightings in domestic market.

ZF Hungária Kft.

Originally german Ferdinand Zeppelin count founded ZF for airship components production, nowadays ZF AG became multinational company that primarily develops and manufactures automotive parts. ZF AG bought the plant of Csepel Auto Works in Eger in 1995. The ZF Hungary Ltd. started their operation in 1st of January 1996. The company in Eger manufactures manual and automatic transmissions which are used in buses, tracks and small commercial vehicles. The ZF Hungary Ltd. sells their world class products for vehicle manufactures on international market such as Volkswagen, Renault, Volvo, Iveco, MAN and Leyland.


The activities of the Group Ltd TECHNOPLAST include the design, engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing equipments and tools, the individual, small and large series production and assembly of parts and components. Support out team is matching of the Ltd’s image, so we received an outstanding offer. We received a support to design and build of the individual panels, in addition to metalworking and high quality implementation of the prototype.

Fireplace LTD.

The Fireplace Production and sales Ltd. treats with wood burning stoves for European market. The firm gives us a significant support on purchasing the row-materials for the car and also helps us on manufacturing the individual components on laser-cutting and banding machines.

SKF Swedish Ball Bearing Ltd.

The history of the worldwide well known market leader, Swedish ball bearing, has begun at the beginning of this century. In 1907, Sven Wingquist has designed the ball bearing and in 1911 the barrel-shaped bearing, with his patents he launched the bearing industry of Sweden. The Swedish SKF Ball Bearing Ltd. supplies our team with ball bearings, and they must have a high degree of accuracy beside under heavy load.


The Continental factory in Veszprém has started its production activities in 1993. They develop and produce components of electronic brake systems. At the end of 2011 in the development centre more than 260 engineers have been developing and testing electronic brake systems - ABS, ESC - and their components. A test track is helping their work, which was opened in 2009 in Veszprém, where the developed systems are tested primarily. The factory and development centre are extending continuously in Veszprém, in 2012 significant infrastructural investments are finished. The production area and the office area are expanded with 1500-1500 square metres and further storehouses are built. More than 200 new workplaces have been created, from which nearly 60 people will help the development activities.

Bosch Group Hungary

The Bosch group is an international supplier of several technologies and services. In 2012 52,5 billion income was generated with 306 000 workers. From 2013 it specialized in four business area, namely automotive technology, industrial engineering, consumer goods and energy- and building services engineering. Within the Bosch Group the Robert Bosch GmbH is involved with its 360 subsidiaries and regional enterprises in about 50 countries. Including its sales and services partners Bosch is being present in about 150 countries. This is the basic criteria for global development, production and sales network. In 2012 Bosch spent some 4,8 milliard euros on R&D and handed in 4800 patents worldwide. The products and services of Bosch group improve the quality of life with innovative and useful solutions. The "Invented for life" slogan means this kind of accessible technology. Robert Bosch (1861-1942) established the company in 1886 in Stuttgart as Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering. The ownership structure of Robert Bosch GmbH guarantee the corporate autonomy of Bosch group. It enables the company significant investments in order to ensure the future. Robert Bosch GmbH is privately owned, and 92% of its share capital is held by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation. The majority of voting rights are held by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, an industrial trust. The remaining shares are held by the Bosch family and by Robert Bosch GmbH. In the 2012 financial year 594 milliard forints turnover was reached with its 10 Hungarian subsidiaries, the Hungarian turnover - without trading between their own subsidiaries - was 133 milliard forints. The Hungarian Bosch group employed 8500 workers in the end of 2012. Bosch group has been supporting the Hungarian higher and engineer education for years. By now Hungarian Bosch is the most attractive employer - according to the AIESEC Hungary and Aon Hewitt Human Resource Consulting survey.

Wolf Montage Ltd.

Wolf Montage Ltd. is centred in Miskolc with complete logistics services. Respective areas of responsibility: special equipment installation, lifting technology, storage technique, production line installation, removal, repair and maintenance. Beside these operations they are specialized in software solutions from installation to system design. Wolf Montage Ltd. employs workers with several years of professional experience, hires responsible and qualified engineers, technicians and specialists. With the help of its business partners the company offers complex solutions in the field of storage equipment and logistics. Clients can feel the competitiveness and efficiency; the company investigates the demand of the market and the partners.

Nagrad Racing Radiator Ltd.

The company has several years of experience in production of high-performance aluminium radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers and engine cooling systems. They only produce, install and repair aluminium based coolers, whether it is a sports- or street car or motorbike, construction equipment, agriculture machinery or other vehicles. Respective areas of responsibility: performance-enhancing and aerodynamic optimizations, modifications. Coolers in extreme size or load for road use, or for racing. Trapeze and arched coolers. Replacement and restructuring plastic water-legs and air-spaces to aluminium. Aluminium piping of intercoolers. Production of aluminium induction manifolds, fuel tanks. Replacement of copper water-cooler into aluminium. Production of high-performance oil coolers up to 25 bars. The quality of raw materials and implementation are the guarantee of our customers' satisfaction.

Gold Cars Ltd.

Authorized distributor of Renault and Dacia in Hungary. Services: selling Renault, Dacia cars and vans, loan administration, selling used cars, transcription of ownership, body repairing, polishing, claim adjustment, multi-brand MOT test, repair service, selling parts, tire service, tire hotel. Nyíregyháza Tiszavasvári út 35/a Tel.: 42/ 504-666 Miskolc Testvérvárosok utja 2. Tel.: 46/ 503-555; e-mail:

Admatis LTD.

With the support of the Admatis LTD., the impact attenautor on the front of the car is made from metal foam, which technology is unique and innovative in the history of the competition. Our team is proud that with this technology - developed and patented in Miskolc - we are the first in the international field. The metal foam is extremely lightweight and has excellent energy absorption as well, so it is perfectly ideal to create the crash zone.

University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc give full support and assistance of our team to start the 2013 Formula Student event in Győr. Our participation further enhances the reputation of our university and give assurance that they will not accedentally be held the University of Miskolc, among one of the nation’s top university of technology.

Department of Machine and Product Design

Department of Machine and Product Design in University of Miskolc supports us significantly in communicational and technical ways, therefore makes easier to build, spread our relationships and helps access the softwers used in scheming the formula car.

Department of Machine Tools

Department of Machine Tools in University of Miskolc has a European front-rank machinery wich makes for team easier and faster process e.g.: shaping the components in the department’s CNC milling machines.

Radio M

Radio M, the number one local commercial radio station of Miskolc, support our team 24 hours all day. We are given the opportunity in addition to daily news and events. The editors provide informations about the Formula Student competition and the construction stages of the race car to reach our’s development for the public. Radio M, the rhythm of today and tomorrow.

North Hungary "Észak Magyarország", BOON

In Miskolc these two news-sources the North Hungary daily paper and the BOON online website, gives an adequate media and press presence for the team. As a matter affect we get a top-notch opportunity to be well-known in the region, therefore visitors can follow us or get information about our work and tournaments continuously, as a result they can get breadth of view in the world of racing cars.